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How to test a website before you launch: a 28 point checklist

A Wodpress window showcasing the fields that enhance image optimisation

Three years ago, Mark Knowles wrote a thorough checklist for testing a website prior to its live launch. It was a very helpful guide, so we thought we’d update it for the current digital landscape.

Here we present a guide on how to test a website, full of updated information and tips to make sure everything looks and works exactly as it should on launch day. Everyone has a role here, and…

Joomla SQL Injection Vulnerability Exploit Results in Full Administrative Access

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Trustwave SpiderLabs researcher Asaf Orpani has discovered an SQL injection vulnerability in versions 3.2 through 3.4.4 of Joomla, a popular open-source Content Management System (CMS). Combining that vulnerability with other security weaknesses, our Trustwave SpiderLabs researchers are able to gain full administrative access to any vulnerable Joomla site. 

Joomla had a 6.6 percent share of…

Another reason to quit Internet Explorer

Microsoft has posted a security advisory about a vulnerability that affects all versions of Internet Explorer from 6 to 11. Together, these versions comprise more than 56 percent of Internet browser market share. That’s a lot of copies of vulnerable browsers.

The weakness could allow a hacker to distort what a given user’s browser displays to trick him into clicking on a false link. This could…

Greatest Vines 2013 — The Best 11 Minutes and 37 Seconds of Your Day

URL Shack Web…

5 web-design trends tech companies should watch

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Design can make or break web and mobile startups these days. But the problem is: It’s not always clear how to improve the design of web sites, mobile apps and connected devices. Is it just about making them cleaner, more streamlined, and less cluttered?

We talked with some of our favorite tech designers and came up with a list of five key trends. Yes, all of them could fall under the broad…

The future of jobs in Canada

The Jobs Report: The biggest threat facing the economy is a massive shortage of qualified workers

On a recent February evening, Karl Eve received an emergency call from a restaurant owner in Canmore, Alta. The busy eatery had suddenly found itself with no hot water, even though the basement hot water tanks appeared to be working fine. A plumber with 10 years’ experience, Eve eventually…

Nonprofits Race to Get Ahead of the Explosion in Small Screens

When Mercy Housing set out to make its Web site easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets, its top priority was to remake the donation page before the critical holiday fundraising season opened.

And with good reason, it turns out. People using mobile devices accounted for 18 percent of the organization’s year-end online gifts—nearly one out of every five online contributions—compared…


It’s a basic truth that anyone who has been working on the web in any capacity has URL’s they’ve purchased and have not actually used. You know you have some of your own. Whether you bought a URL expecting to cash in on a new television show’s popularity or you just happened to snag a great name because it was available, we all have those URL’s sitting around collecting dust and costing you that…

Mobile Websites vs Responsive Design: What’s the right solution for your business?

As more of your competitors Go Mo, building a mobile-friendly site becomes more of a priority for your business. Over the past two years alone, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold. Customers are searching for your business from their mobile phones, and you need to engage them with a mobile experience designed for completing on-the-go tasks from their small screens. Recently many businesses have been asking us about an emerging trend among web developers—responsive design—and if they should use it. While we believe that building a separate mobile website is an appropriate solution for certain businesses, it’s also important to understand how responsive design might fit into your plans to Go Mo.

What is responsive design? It is a website design technique that allows you to create a single website that will adapt to the device on which it’s being viewed, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet. A site built with responsive design will automatically resize for different devices, but it is up to you to prioritize the content that matters most to the mobile user. For example, a mobile user might need to quickly find your phone number or directions, whereas a tablet user might want a simpler way to make couch-surfing purchases. A site built using responsive design could prioritize click-to-call and click-to-map buttons, while the tablet site would focus on simplifying the shopping cart. For the technical details on how responsive design works for building mobile-friendly sites, read this blog post from the Google webmaster team.

Click2cause goes on CTV

CANEXBACK.COMCheck out out one of our website as made it on CTV.

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