Frequently Asked Questions

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A web site is more than just another advertising tool. Here are just a few functions it can perform: Pre-sell your services to prospects Establish a one-to-one connection with customers Showcase products / services / special knowledge Build brand image with your unique design Expand customer service Your site is open 24/7 Prettier than a yellow pages ad Economically extend printed materials Distance is not a limitation Today, people expect you to be online.

It really depends on the scope of the project and the services or features required as well as the ability for our clients to provide timely feedback and/or materials. We have the ability to create and market a professional website in as little as 2-3 weeks if you can provide us with prompt feedback and any necessary materials. If third-parties are involved like banks and eCommerce gateways, more time is often needed. We always provide an estimated timeline as part of our services agreement. If you have a short timeline, we can often make excellent recommendations for what is needed to launch on time.

1. Initial Website Consultation & Project Estimate: This is a key factor in our website development process. We meet with you to discuss your website needs and desires. We ask you questions about your business including your website goals and expectations. The more information you provide, the better! Once we have this discussion we are able to provide you with an estimate of your website cost. 2. Website Outline: Based on the information you provide us in the initial website consultation we break down your new website into an outline. This outline includes artwork preferences, colors, navigation structure, how many pages, page content, any eCommerce, third party applications or special requests to be included in your new website. 3. Official Website Project Quote: This is included with your Website Outline. We also include a projected project completion date. Pending your approval of the outline and quote, and delivery of all project content we move on to the next step! 4. Website Design Layouts: We will design custom artwork and layouts for you to choose from. These layouts can include your existing logo or one we create for you. We also include any other artwork and any color preferences you provided in the consultation process. 5. New Website Template Created & Programming Beings: Once you approve a design layout we create a master website template. We begin populating your website with content you provide. During this phase of the project you will have access to the work in progress to offer input and suggestions. We will also build your administrative section(s) including CMS, Newsletter Modules, and other custom applications, if applicable. 6. Finalization of Website Edits: This is the point we take any requested changes from you and give the website a final edit, page by page until your full approval is given! 7. Client Final Approval & Sign off: At this point your new website is completely live and functional on our work server. Any and all final edits are implemented. This is where we get your official approval and sign off on the project. 8. Official Launch of the New Website: Upon Final Approval & Sign off, we officially launch your brand new website! 9. Search Engine Submission: GraphixFlo will submit your website to the top 10 search engines! While we cannot guarantee search engine rankings and placement, we do all we can to make sure your website is out there for the world to see!

A site can be upgraded at any time. There are many options available, too many to list here. Some of the options are extra pages, multi-user web calendar, email auto responders, forms with auto responders, message boards, audio and video, and much more.

Yes. We do offer database design. Once we know what you are looking for, we can have a quote available for you within 48 hours.

E-commerce is the buzzword for the new millennium, and for very good reason. The Internet is changing the way business is done with literally billions of dollars being made over the Internet. E-commerce simply means Electronic Commerce. E-commerce gives you the ability to accept payment over the Internet, by either credit card or electronic checks. Through E-commerce, you can sell products or services instantly to anyone in the world without having to constantly monitor your website.

Most websites can get by without eCommerce capabilities, but if you are selling products that can easily be purchased online, you will increase your sales by accepting payments directly from your website. There are many options for accepting online payments. In addition, you can choose to have a product catalog if it makes sense or simply allow users to purchase an individual product by filling out a single form.

Sure. We design e-commerce websites that allow you to accept credit cards online. You will have a choice between setting up your very own merchant account and using a 3rd party processor. The amounts of products you have determine the price of your site. We can have a price quoted for you within 48 hours.

A merchant account is a wise choice if you expect to be processing a lot of transactions, or if you want the ordering process to be as seamless and transparent as possible for your customers. Having a merchant account allows you to process the transaction completely on your website. Alternatively, you can use a third-party payment processor like PayPal for instance. With PayPal, you do not need a merchant account or even a registered business for that matter. PayPal is very recognized and respected, but using PayPal requires that visitors ultimately make the purchase on PayPal’s site and then get redirected back to your site once the transaction is complete.

Yes. We generally require a 50% deposit payable prior to construction of your website, while the remaining 50% is payable upon completion. We allow a payment structure of 30% up front, 30% upon major milestone, and balance upon satisfactory completion for all projects priced at $9,000 and above. We are able to provide net-30 terms for existing clients when the enhancements don’t exceed $2,000.

We accept VISA. We also accept cheques and money orders payable to GraphixFlo.

You will own complete rights to the website once it’s completed and paid in full.

A search engine is basically a huge database of websites. When somebody enters a particular term or phrase (keywords) into the search box, the search engine trawls its database of websites and produces results. An example of a search engine is Google or Yahoo!

Search engines use keywords when they include your website in their search results. Keywords can make or break your search engine ranking. Adding keywords to the content of your website can improve its ranking, but overusing them can cause your site to be banned for spamming.

When identifying keywords, select words and phrases in the content of your website that someone is most likely to use when searching for your online business or website.

Each of your Web pages should have keywords that include phrases found throughout the page content, title tag, headings, attributes, and link text. If you have words and phrases that occur often, rearrange the order to keep each tag unique. We don’t recommend using the same string of keywords on all of your pages because it could hamper your SEO.

You can use the Keyword Ranking report in Search Engine Visibility to see where your site ranks on search engines for specific keyword searches. Search Engine Visibility shows you the ranking information for saved keywords on your home page keywords, as well as keywords shared throughout the site.