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  • Web Design Hamilton

GraphixFlo, a web design company based in Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Burlington offering comprehensive, professional web services. Being perfected for over 10 years, our design process has earned a reputation for earning our clients the credibility, and visibility that a professional website requires. With an extremely talented and dedicated group of designers we are ready to provide dynamic solutions which will increase quality, efficiency and deliver outstanding ROI.

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  • Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, making mobile web design Hamilton particularly tricky. You can’t simply copy and paste a site designed for Web into different mobile environments for best results. GraphixFlo Mobile Application Development Team has extensive experience with application development across a variety of mobile platforms including the iPhone™, iPad™, BlackBerry®, Android™, and Windows Mobile®.

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  • Ecommerce Web Development

Can your business run 24/7 without you? Online shopping and ecommerce is convenient for everyone! GraphixFlo expertise in developing E-Commerce and Shopping Cart applications ensures a convenient, secure, and hassle-free shopping experience that will keep customers coming back.

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  • Graphic & Logo Design

Are you a business owner looking to find a graphic or logo designer? GraphixFlo a graphic design company, has provided logo design services for many years. Creating a logo and corporate imaging is important for any size company. A logo design often requires many revisions and hours of research into other brands in your marketplace. We can assist you to choose the best logo design package.

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  • Printing

Are you a business owner in Hamilton, Burlington looking to print business cards, brochures, flyer or business forms? GraphixFlo provides a wide variety of print services from flyers, brochures, business forms, letterhead and business cards. Printing in Hamilton is made easy with our online service.

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  • SEO Marketing

Rank High! GraphixFlo search engine optimization (SEO Marketing) services can be incorporated into your website design and dynamically built into your website applications or products pages on an ecommerce website to improve your company search visibility within search engine rankings. See immediate improvement in your search engine ranking.

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Relevant Insights On How To Make Your Website Visually Appealing

The website is an important aspect of a business. It represents the company in a professional manner and can help in building the brand image. Among all the factors, one aspect which you cannot overlook is the visual appeal of the website. Online customers will gather the first impression of a company from its official website. It is the look and feel of the website which is the primary drivers of the first impression. It is within 10 seconds of landing on the page that internet users will form an opinion about the website.
Choose fonts carefully

This primer highlights the most important components of a visually appealing website design. Colors can have a strong impact on the visitor’s mind. Thus, it is important that you choose the colors which the audience will appreciate. The fonts which you use should be consistent with the brand image. When choosing the fonts it is important that you take your time. The fonts which you use should be clean and simple and legible. Stay away from the fancy cursive which readers may fail to understand. Choose the font size and color very carefully. Take note of the fact that by making use of contrast the text on your website will be easier to read. Opt for Hamilton web design professional services for a successful website.

For a consistent design

To organize the content and align it, you can make use of grids. Make the best of the website real estate by including high-definition, relevant images. A pet peeve of some readers is a website which is heavily laden with text. For a professional look use special effects sparingly. To draw attention of the users you can bold the text or italicize it. When you make use of icons, buttons and graphics it should be consistent with your web design. In addition to keeping the aesthetics in mind the website which you design should be easy to navigate.

A minimalistic design

Try avoiding pop ups which can distract the readers. You may lose valuable web traffic if a website has too many pop ups. A clean layout is easy for the reader’s eyes. With a clean and minimalistic look you can enhance the appeal of the website. Make sure that you do not clutter the web page with information. Use the white space judiciously to ensure that the content which is displayed on the website attracts the visitors. Get in touch with web design Burlington experts for additional tips.

Templates and site map

According to recent trends web design Hamilton Ontario experts today aim at attracting the attention of the target audience by including customizable templates. Joomla and WordPress are some platforms which offer a plethora of choices from which you can choose a template which best suits the web design. One important component of web design which you should not overlook is the site map. When you have a lot of data in your website a site map is very necessary. By incorporating the site map, your website will appear well-organized.